Our history - Kennel Golob

My name is Cveto Golob and I am the founder the Kennel Golob. My path first crossed with dogs as I was a 13 year old boy. Back then, I bought my first dog (he was a mixed breed) with the money I was saving for a very long time - when I finally got him, I  was the happiest boy on the earth.
As years passed by, my love and dedication towards dogs grew stronger and stronger. After returning from the millitary service I decided to buy a german shepherd. It was a male named Rolf. You could say that 1971 was the beginnig of my cynological part of life.
The indescribable will to work with Rolf and the joy that he brought to my heart were just too big for me to stay at one dog, so I decided I would try to do my best in breeding. I started to read and study the few books and poor literature that was available at the time in our country (sadly, really not enough). I worked hard to pass all of the theoretical knowledge I got from books to my dog Rolf. Soon afterwards I met my dear friend, Mr. Janez Klemenčič, who lived in Ljubljana and was truly an expert in dog training at the time. The help, instructions and advices I recieved from him were priceless.
In 1975 I went to Germany, the home land of german shepherds and bought a female, Exi vom Zwingergluck (daughter of the german sieger Hero vom Lauerhof). My next path lead me to Italy, where I mated her with a well known dog at the time, Rocker vom Drilland. I was one of the first (if not probably the first) from our country that focused only in german bloodlines and mating with the world champions, trying to improve quality and bring in the best of the modern type of german sheperd.

Our beginnings, picture taken around 1978: Hute del Belpoggio, Exi von Zwingergluck and Alfa Golobova
In 1978 I mated my Alfa who was one of the first females from my own breeding with Eros vom Hambachtal. My 2500km long journey with my colleague, with an old and unreliable car, hardly being able to afford enough gas for the trip is enough proof how much I adored these dogs!

ziherl alfa
Above: Mr. Janez Ziherl and my Alfa Golobova.
In 1979 I registered my kennel at the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) association, and named it simply after my surname. In the next 30 years, I made more than 50 matings  in Germany with only the best dogs available (so called VA dogs), all of them were chosen wisely after much consideration on what needs to be improved in my future planned offspring.
Over the years our breeding became well known in our region and the owners of our dogs were also some people who had a strong impact in dog sports (our dogs were multiple national tracking and obedience champions) and show lines.
I would like to thank my family for supporting me through all these years of hard work. Together we dedicated countless hours to our dogs, participated in many sieger shows at home in Slovenia and abroad (Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany).

nagrade 1
There are many awards and titles we have won throughout the years, including multiple awards for best preogenry group, best dogs of the show, best kennel group, national champions and first place awards, obedience titles etc..
In our more than 40 year history, we grew into one of the best kennels in our country. Untill today I have never, not even for one second, lost the admiration of this wonderfull breed. I still carry on and try to do my best - now with the help of my son - we maintain the reputation we achieved in all these years. It is hard work and sometimes you are dissapointed but we don't think about stopping. Because in the end the titles and awards don't even matter. It's the dogs we are proud of, and it's the dogs we love. And we would not change that for anything in the world.

In the photo gallery below you can see some pictures that were made over the years...